Ollie delivers human-grade fresh dog food that helps pet parents keep their dogs healthy. Two years after launching, Ollie recognized it was time to future-proof its business to meet growing demand. We worked alongside the team at Ollie to create a new packaging system that would surpass customers’ already high expectations around the Ollie experience, and set a foundation for growth that could effectively scale its operations.

Our process led us to design a new packaging system that makes it easier for pet parents to feed their dogs the correct portions, without any waste. Instead of rigid trays, meals now arrive in flexible vacuum sealed packages that are easier to open, take up significantly less real estate in the fridge and freezer, and keep food fresher longer. The new packaging creates less wasted air space, so Ollie can actually fit more food in less frequent shipments. That means fewer boxes arriving on customers’ doorsteps, less waste overall, and a reduction in shipping costs for Ollie.

Because feeding time shouldn’t be intimidating, we based the new packaging system on calories–similar to how human food is packaged–that fit calorie needs for multiple sizes of dogs. Each package comes with custom feeding guidelines that don’t require a scale, making the whole process more straightforward. Replacing the scoop, we designed a handier new serving utensil with a flatter, spatula shape that’s designed to fit the contour of the container to get every last bit of food. We made storing meals easier with a “Pup-tainer” – a reusable container and serving dish with Ollie’s iconic red lid that easily fits the new packages.


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