The Magnificent 7

Seven. Lucky Seven. The Seven Wonders of the World. The Seven Seas. Seventh Heaven. The Seven Deadly Sins. Needless to say, seven is an important number full of meaning in human culture and history. To us at Ammunition, seven marks an important milestone in our evolution as a company, and we think it’s a damn good reason to celebrate.

When we founded Ammunition in 2007, we knew we wanted to work with clients and partners to create new things and bring them to market. But we also knew that we wanted to push on the notion of what design can do to help drive business and create entirely new companies. Through it all, we’ve always asked what’s worth doing in the first place, and focused on putting work into the world that matters.


Over the past seven years, we’ve managed to grow and flourish in ways I never imagined. We’ve built a great studio, a fantastic culture, and competencies we are really proud of. We’ve been fortunate to partner with incredible individuals and companies to put work out that people care about.


So here are a few of the things we’d like to toast:


Great clients like Adobe, Barnes & Noble,
Square and Williams-Sonoma


Amazing business partners like Beats, PCH,
and Polaroid


Seven incredible years working with Beats by Dre to build one of the most powerful brands out there


New things we helped to create and launch
like Fuego, NOOK, and Octovo


Remarkable collaborators in both business
and design


Brilliant talent we’ve discovered and grown


Close friendships that started out as
business relationships but have endured well beyond


And of course the many things we are so proud to have designed


But most of all, I’d like to toast this amazing team we have here at Ammunition. They make coming into the studio a joy every time. In particular, here’s to my partners Matt Rolandson and Brett Wickens. It’s truly been a magnificent seven. Looking forward to the next…


Robert Brunner
Partner and Founder

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