The Ember Ceramic Mug – Better From The First Sip To The Last Drop

As part of an ongoing partnership, we worked with Ember to design its newest product–the Ember Ceramic Mug. Building on the success of the Ember Travel Mug, the Ceramic Mug continues to push the company’s mission to change the way we eat and drink through temperature control. With a simple, refined design, the Ceramic Mug makes the everyday ritual of drinking coffee and tea even better.


Made of durable stainless steel with a reinforced ceramic coating, the Ceramic Mug has a subtle interface and a minimal, classic design that belies its advanced technology. We also designed a charging coaster that keeps beverages at temperature for hours. The mug connects to the Ember app, which lets user select and save temperature presets for different drinks. The app also lets users identify their mug by selecting a personal color that will display on a small LED light located toward the base of the mug.


The Ember Ceramic Mug is available on and at Starbucks locations across the U.S.

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