Polaroid Hoop – Simplicity meets home security

Unveiled at CES 2017, the new Polaroid Hoop is designed to make home security simple and elegant. Bringing a fresh look to the category, we worked with Polaroid to create a camera that doesn’t need to be hidden away. Built with premium materials, Polaroid Hoop fits beautifully on any surface or wall inside the home, and its weatherproof construction means it can also be placed outdoors. The camera comes with versatile mounts that make set-up and installation straightforward.

Polaroid Hoop features 1080p high-definition video resolution that gives people the opportunity to remotely monitor their home with the highest detail. The 140-degree lens provides a wide-angle view to maximize coverage no matter where the camera is placed. At $199, Polaroid Hoop makes high quality home monitoring and beautiful design accessible.

See full case study for polaroid here.

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